Major shareholder message

Thanks to divine favor, Holding Development of Persian Gulf Dawn Trade, with a development-oriented approach and with the help of a team of experienced executives, has been able to take effective steps in creating wealth and creating sustainable employment by entering various businesses and distributing its portfolio of investments. The effort is to develop businesses and, if possible, create value chains, to be at the heart of this holding activity and to institutionalize it as an important and necessary issue. The development-oriented spirit seeks to transform the threat to business opportunity and durability under any circumstances. Therefore, strengthening this attitude among the human resources as the main pillar of this holding is one of the most important issues. In addition, in the current situation where the country is experiencing severe international sanctions, the continuation of private sector activities and the efforts of economic activists to get out of these conditions is crucial. I hope with the help of God Almighty and with the help of the management and executive team, contribute to the growth and development of the society.

Hamid Ezat Abadi Pour

message from head manager

Holdings are generally created with the aim of optimizing the distribution of resources and the risk of their activities on the one hand and creating synergies in businesses. Determining two strategies in holding is one of the most important issues; one is the combination of portfolio investment strategy and the second is the strategy of supervision or how to relate to the subsidiaries. Persian Gulf Business Development Holding with the prospect of being on the list of successful private companies in the country, it has put its strategy of strategic control on its growth, heterogeneous diversification strategy, and overseeing subsidiaries.

The expectation is that there will be significant synergies in the complex through the sharing of knowledge and experience of each other, the sharing of facilities and assets, the enhancement of bargaining power, the integration of existing businesses and the creation of new businesses.

It should be noted that sometimes the management of Holdings faces particular challenges in furthering the mobility of their subsidiaries, which is not the case in other companies. One of the most important challenges is evaluating the performance of subsidiaries and their managers. While the existential philosophy of holding companies is to monitor and evaluate the subsidiaries so that the weakness of one company does not affect the whole set. In this regard, we are striving to do our best by holding standardized procedures and processes on the one hand and strengthening the spirit of teamwork and partnership while maintaining stakeholder rights in advancing Holding’s goals and all of its subsidiaries.

Mohammad Bagher Askari Pour

Message from the Chairman of the Board

Holding Development of Persian Gulf Dawn Trade has officially started its activities in 2010. The current activities of the subsidiary companies include rail freight transport, dry goods export, sponge iron, pellets, concentrates and steel products, import of raw materials and investment in the capital market. Start-up activities in the field of renewable energies (especially solar energy) and air transport are also included. The company’s strategy in investing is to create a portfolio of investments in different businesses to distribute risk and make the most of opportunities. The company focuses on wealth generation along with sustainable employment, which seeks to achieve divine bounty through the help of its board of directors, executives, managers, and experienced consultants through increased competitiveness, optimal distribution of existing resources, and attracting domestic and foreign partnerships.

Seyed Hossein Hashemi