Vision, Mission, Strategies


Achieve top 100 private holding in Iran by 1404 in terms of income (sales).


Holding works to generate wealth and sustainable employment through increased competitiveness, optimal distribution of available resources and attracting domestic and foreign partnerships in various activities including trade, transportation, energy, startups, Tourism, both domestic and foreign.

Key Strategies:

  • Supervisory style (management strategy):

The style of project control is due to the maturity of the companies and the Dominance of the headquarter over them.

  • Investment Portfolio (portfolio strategy):

Investing in businesses with unrelated diversity and focusing on completing the value chain of businesses that are economically justified.

Big Holding Goals:

  • In the financial field:

Increase Income Generation

Promotion the productivity of the agents


Creating Value for Stakeholders (Shareholders, Subsidiaries, Employees, etc.) Help increase the holding market share.

  • In the area of ​​development of internal processes:

Improved business support management

Improving business innovation management

Creating and strengthening the knowledge management system

  • In the area of ​​development of internal capabilities

Optimal management of financial, physical, human, information, knowledge and…

Organizational values

Specialty, rule of law, responsibility, preservation of moral and human values, group participation, meritocracy, transparency and honesty