Emad Khodro Khalij Fars

We hope that with the help of His Excellency and the efforts of our colleagues, we will take effective steps towards industrial development and according to the economic and industrial capacities of the country by creating a platform, creativity and innovation and using internal potentials and applying new management mechanisms, especially in the field of clean energy new industries have entered the field of urban & railway transportation and by identifying the existing needs and maintaining the satisfaction of stakeholders and customers in order to develop and elevate the name and position of the company as much as possible.

Represent the company:
Emad Khodro Khalij Fars Company is one of the subsidiaries of persian gulf trade down development
One of the tasks assigned to this company is to set up production line and produce a variety of vehicles with new technology.
Thanks to the existing policy and potential, both financially and in terms of technical knowledge and many years of experience of the members, investors of this company, this was achieved that in the first phase, it has represented the foreign company silver bus to produce various types of electric buses with new technology, in the next phases, it intends to produce other types of bus, vans, minibuses, as well as wagons and locomotives and etc.

Become the largest electric car and locomotive manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East

Our Product
The bus produced by Emad Khodro Khalij Fars Company has been introduced with a modern and up-to-date design under the brand name of Silver Bus.
This product has passed all ECE, EU standards in various fields and its main components are made by the world’s top bus component manufacturers, including electric motors made by the American PRESTOLITE, front and rear axles made by the German ZF, brake system made by the German WABCO, Hydraulic steering system made by the German BOSCH and seats made by the German GRAAMER pointed out that these features make the car unique.

The company’s strategy:

۱- Optimal and suitable product selection, or products focused on environmental protection and use of clean energies.
۲- Increase productivity and increase revenue.
۳- Increase competition and try to increase market share
۴- Flexibility and reduce production costs
۵- Identify the market and meet the needs of actual and potential customers and strive to increase their satisfaction
۶- Efforts to innovate and pay attention to creativity due to the new technology in the area of urban and rail transport
۷- Attracting expert staff and their continuous training at all levels of the company in order to increase their skills and capabilities
۸- Technology transfer to increase the manufacturing of parts and assemblies
۹- Continuous cooperation with leading car and locomotive companies in the world.

Targets and mission of the company:

A) Short-term 3 years)
۱- Production of 200 (12- and 9-meter length) electric buses
۲- Creating infrastructure for the production of light truck, vans, Locomotives and Wagons
۳- Studying the market and identifying new customers

B) Medium term 5 years)
۱- The mass production of electric buses to reach the circulation 500 units per year
۲- Production of vans and minibuses up to a circulation of 600 units per year
۳- Production of light truck 6-ton truck) up to 600 units)
۴- Creation of infrastructure for the production of the above vehicles with electric platform
۵- Assembling and producing 50 locomotive wagons per year
۶-Creating infrastructure to build main assemblies and components and reaching up to about %50 of internal construction

C) Long- term 10 years)
۱- Production of all types of cars including buses, minibuses, vans, light truck with electric platforms with a circulation of 1000 units per year
۲-Production of wagons and locomotives with a circulation of 200 units per year
۳- Production of various electric motors and drivers with a circulation of 10,000 units per year
۴- Mass production of lithium batteries with a circulation of 30,000 packs per year
۵- Increasing the percentage of internal construction up to %80
۶- Exporting products to neighboring countries

Address: No. 485, Next to Sheikh Fazlollah Bridge, Sattarkhan Street, Tehran, Iran.
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