Parto Bar Khalij Fars

Director: Mehrdad Nejati Mohammari

Field of activity: Providing all public and specialized services of rail and combined transport

introduction of the company:

Parto Bar Farabar Persian Gulf Company started its activities as a joint-stock company in 2012 and now has 437 short and flat edged wagons, 60 containers and 400 20-foot buckets especially for mineral substances transportation, in imports, exports and transit from / to the country’s borders.

Relying on its expert and experienced workforce, utilizing technology and trusting corporate customers, the company has taken great strides in product transportation.

Some of the contracting companies are: Kermanshah Polymer Company, Mahabad Petrochemical Company, Lorestan Petrochemical Company, Gohar Zaman Iron Ore Company, Alborz Railway Development Company, Azarbaijan Steel Company, Khorasan Steel Company, Gilan Steel Company, Safa Pipe and Profile Company, Persian Steel Company and… Kermanshah Polymer Company.

Aims and plans of Persian Gulf Beam Energy Company

improving the efficiency of the wagons by increasing the speed of the car and reducing the stop

Expanding the shipping fleet by adding 134 tank wagons to carry fuel and purchase at least 500 edged wagons

More entry into the domestic rail transport markets

Developing international transport activities from inland to various countries, especially Turkey (Van City) and Central Asian countries

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