Rail Seir Kosar

Rail seir kosar company (public Stock)

Director:  Abulqasim Saeedi

Field of activity: Rail passenger transport

Rail seir kosar company was established in 2003 to operate in the field of passenger rail transport and started operating in 2005 with the purchase of 25 four-wheeled first-class Gazelle wagons.

The company currently offers more than 55 passenger carriages in two classes of four first class and six first class boards on the Tehran-Mashhad-Tehran / Bandar Abbas-Mashhad-Bandar Abbas and Yazd-Mashhad-Yazd routes to provide services to both special and economic levels to provide passenger services.

In the year 2016, the company’s shares under the name of ” RSKZ1” were recognized as the first passenger rail company to be admitted to the capital market.

Aims and plans of Rail Rail seir Kosar Corporation

Improving passenger’s satisfaction

Applying new technologies to provide diverse services in the field of passenger transportation

providing safe, fast, economical and convenient rail services nationwide

Developing the rail fleet for broader access to compatriots

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